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9 thoughts on “ Time In A Day - Big Kid (6) - You Must Be Kidding (CD, Album)

  1. Mar 09,  · "I think whenever you're first, you make a big dent on everybody's mind, and some of the things Rap did were powerful." Augie T was 7 or 8 when he first got turned on to Reiplinger. "My cousin was into Booga Booga, and when Rap came out with 'Poi Dog,' I memorized the whole album.
  2. Sep 06,  · I've heard this used as a way to bash an album but why should the fact that an album won't be talked about a few months later be a way of showing how good it was? In a few months a new CD will be out and of course you won't be talking about this CD, when Lupe comes out it's gonna be awesome but then a few months later nothing.
  3. nbtx August 3, Multi disk sets do counnt per disk, but minimum length must be minutes. So, a double album of only 65 minutes of misuc would count as only 1 sale, not 2.
  4. When you do a lot of kids at one time (let's say 6) the iron doesn't get to "warm up" properly for each kid, and so, may not be up to the proper temperature for the kids that are "last in line". Because the iron is not as hot, you have to hold it on the kid longer to get the proper orange ring.
  5. Jan 24,  · JABFLA is probably my favorite Album from the Flo and Eddie days of the Mothers. The music is very catchy and "commercial" to quote Zappa but the Lyrics aren't (just to warn ya). Dammit now I have "Eddie are you kidding" in my head!!!! GOtta put it on!!! BUt yes, definately find a Vinyl version.
  6. A day at the races was better, but these two albums along with the highly underrated queen 2 album makes queen top 3 bands of all time alongside sabbath and floyd. Definitely THE ALBUM you must hear before you die. This album has has one song? One of Queen's worst? It .
  7. Maybe for next time, your criteria could be 1) all bands not just the few we like 2) if we could only hear 1 album form these riochlorrentvicitingsymtcamirmararip.xyzinfo only use their absolute best albums, and only use the bands.
  8. To enter, you must: 1) Be signed up to PMA’s newsletter, the pmaBLAST (which will now be sent every Monday). If you have not yet subscribed, please do so here. Just a note: all of our cool contests and giveways will be open only to pmaBLAST subscribers, so make sure to sign up! It’s free and it helps save the environment*.
  9. Jan 13,  · Ozzy was the loudest concert I have ever been too. It was so loud that a girl was screaming in my ear next to me and I couldn't hear her, and I wasn't even close to the stage! I like the Zakk Wylde era the best. No More Tears is my favorite Ozzy album. My favorite Ozzy song is Perry Mason, other Ozzy songs I love are No More Tears, Miracle Man, Bark At The Moon, Junkie, Crazy .

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