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8 thoughts on “ Flaco Jimenez - Zarape Regional (Vinyl)

  1. Jiminez, Flaco, Flaco Jimenez, Jimenez, Flaco, Jiménez, Flaco, Leonardo Jiménez: Profession: Singer, Accordionist: Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez is a Conjunto, Tejano music accordionist from San Antonio, Texas. Awards by Flaco Jiménez: Check all the awards nominated and won by Flaco Jiménez.
  2. Flaco Jimenez was there, along with just about everyone who participated in the project. By this time, my dad had passed away. Flaco sincerely gave me his condolences on my dad's passing, which I appreciated very much. After a hug in honor of my dad, I asked Flaco to tell a friend I was with about his session with the Rolling Stones.
  3. Nov 12,  · Flaco Jimenez: Tiny Desk Concert Jimenez is part of a musical continuum that reaches from 19th-century Mexico all the way to The Rolling Stones. And he does it .
  4. Flaco Jimenez, left, and Max Baca will perform in The Woodlands Saturday. Photo: Tom Pitch Flaco Jiménez has devoted a lifetime to music. 1 / 5. Back to Gallery Famed.
  5. Flaco Jimenez. Flaco, could you talk about some of your earliest memories of music? Well, I started playing the accordion when I was about five years old. I come from a musical background — it's.

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